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Della's Kitchen

Mason Cash Innovative Multi-use Tools

$ 8.80

Less storage + Less Cleanup: Utensils designed for multi-functionality and comfort.  Perfect for the keeping a minimum number of utensils, each beech wood tool is perfect for the multiple tasks at hand. 

The Slotted Turner with Rack Grabber is ideal for turning meat and vegetables in pans or oven trays. Slots allow liquid and oils to run free when stirring or lifting food. The handle is specially designed to pull out and push in oven racks when checking on bakes.

This bench scraper cleans worktops, measures, cuts and scoops dough or pastry and strips herb leaves from their stalks.

Pastry Brush + Fork: The Pastry Brush and Fork is a specially designed 4-in-1 utensil. The brush is perfectly sized to allow you to glaze pastries and basting with ease, whilst the fork end can be used for whisking egg wash, pricking pastry and crimping pie crusts.

Spatula:  The Spatula is perfect for stirring mixes and scraping bowls and pans clean. The head can be removed and used as a bowl scraper and the small spatula is perfect for spreading frosting onto cakes and scraping the inside of jars.

Use + Case: Always hand wash wood products in a warm soapy water bath.

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