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5 Gifts for the Chef

Welcome to our 5 Gifts series!  We're sharing 5 Gift ideas for different people over the next several days.  Today we're sharing 5 Gifts for the Chef.  Email me if you have any questions! hello@dellaskitchenshop dot com. If you're local and would like to pick up (contactless curbside) your order, message us for instructions to pickup in 5 Points. 

1.  Mason Cash Cane S19 Bowl ($19):  Mason Cash has a rich history dating back almost 200 years.  The S19 size bowl is a great started bowl and will be a workhorse in any kitchen.  At this price point, it will make a wonderful friend or family gift for those who love to cook or bake. 

2. Enamel Coated Measuring Cups and Spoons: Everyone is falling in love with these beauties.  A multi-colored set will last a long time coated in enamel.

3. Southern Baked Cookbook:  This cookbook has the most wonderful format and is filled with recipes that will have you drooling.  Written by a Southern chef, you know these recipes will be your new go-to menu.


4. Gold 2 TBSP scoop: Every cook loves an odd size measuring scoop that will be well loved.  It makes measuring out goods quicker. 

 5. Banneton Bread Proofing Basket:  Banneton is THE name brand when it comes to bread proofing, leaving their classic lines in the dough before baking.

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