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Welcome to Della’s Kitchen!

Hi folks! Thanks so much for joining us at Della’s Kitchen! This idea has been on our hearts for a while now and we’re excited about it becoming reality. Here in the South, we love to eat – especially bacon. Whatever your thoughts are on food, every family is required to spend time in the kitchen. Here at Della’s Kitchen, we will be making your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable! We want you to involve your family, use beautiful items, and be organized. Here on the blog, we’ll be providing kitchen tips, reviewing kitchen tools, sending yummy goodies your way, putting together some fun party ideas, and maybe even sharing a few family stories. Subscribe to our email for notifications – we promise we won’t overrun your email like a herd of cattle!

 Now, may I introduce you to Della herself?

Early 1906: Della (23) and Ed (25) Keen, Children from L to R: J V, R C, Estelle, and baby Nora.


Della Estelle Brown Keen was my great-great-grandmother. I know that sounds rather removed, but considering her son, John (my great-grandfather), lived to be 100 years old I was able to know him quite well. I feel closer to her knowing she was only one generation away from me knowing her personally. Della married Ed Keen and had 12 – yes, TWELVE – children by the age of 35. Of course, this may also explain why she passed away at the early age of 35. The Keen’s lived in East Texas where they farmed watermelons, plums and other things they needed to live. It’s hard to imagine life in the 1920’s trying to feed 12 hungry mouths and manage a farm. Most of us live luxuriously these days comparatively speaking. I’ve spent many a summer tromping through the fields of East Texas at the annual family reunion thinking about how they lived and am always awed by their ingenuity and perseverance.

We wanted to keep the memory of Della alive by bringing her to the kitchen with us. We hope you’ll enjoy our site. Feel free to drop us a note, make suggestions or request a recipe or product review!

For the love of bacon,

 Della’s Kitchen

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