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Bridal Gift Guide

We've already kicked off wedding season and want to making gifting easy for you.  These ideas below won't be on her list, but they are quality, unique products that will be a kitchen staple for her family.  Also, let your engaged friends know about our online Bridal Registry!

We can mail the gift directly to the Bride. If you're doing this, be sure to add an Enclosure Card to your order and tell us in the Notes box at checkout who the gift is To/From. 

1.  Confetti Gift Set $25.98:  The Confetti Collection has been one of our most popular over the last year.  These non-stick pans have a metal frame to make adding batter easy.  They're fun and easy to clean!  Add a 12 or 24 ct cupcake pan and the Jar Spatula.

2. Stemless Whitewear + Towel Set $36: This stemless whitewear is dishwasher safe and is a beautiful, classic style.  Add in one of our most popular hand towels - soft and absorbent.

3. Pastel Measuring Set + Towel:  Our new favorite pastels in the form of measuring cups and measuring spoons.  Add our cute "Just Married" hand towel and you'll be gifting her favorite gift.

4. Cirqula Bowl Set: This set of 4 storage containers is made in Holland.  It's a quality set that will look beautiful in the fridge, and is safe for your family.  Microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe.

5. Mason Cash Gift Set:  These earthenware bowls are SO LIGHT.  Everyone is shocked when they pick one up.  It's a classic bowl that she'll love to use.  Pick one of our cookbooks (the Cooking for Two options are perfect for a two person household) and a Mason Cash Spatula.

6.  Be sure to add a MRS tumbler to any of these gifts! 


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