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How To Dispose of Meat Grease

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I’m always looking for tips to make working in the kitchen easier!  Today I’m sharing how I dispose of meat grease, but would love to hear what you do.  Comment below to let me know what your tip is for grease disposal. 

How To Dispose of Meat Grease

I can't ever seem to find an empty glass jar when I need one and don’t like keeping a grease jar under the counter holding layers of fat.  After having a get together, I usually have a few small punch cups leftover so I’ve started pouring my grease into a paper cup and letting it solidify.  Once it’s firm, I can just toss in the garbage.  You want to make sure it's not a wax based cup or the grease may melt the cup. 

What’s your solution?

   paper cup! 

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