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How to Care for your Nonstick Pans

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

It's Kitchen Tip Tuesday!  Investing in a good set of cookware can be expensive.  While they can last for years, without proper care you’ll be tossing them out well before you’ve gotten your money’s worth.  Here are some tips for caring for your non-stick cookware!

1. Grease Your Pan

Despite what you may think, a non-stick skillet still needs a little something to help the food move over the surface of the pan without sticking.  Most generic can sprays contain some ingredients that will gum up the surface of your pan.  The best method is to take a paper towel, spread a dab of plain oil on it and wipe the clean, cool surface of your non-stick pan down before cooking. 

2. Stirring Tools

It’s important to only use plastic or wooden tools on your non-stick so that no scratches develop.  Olivewood or other tools like these below are great affordable options.  Click the pictures for some colorful and safe options!

Olivewood Spoons Colorful Bamboo Spatula Set

3. Pan Temperature

Check the instructions for your pans, but most non-stick pans will need to be used under med-high heat.  High temperatures have the ability to crack or damage your coating.

4. Nest With Care – Pan Protectors

Nesting your pans can scratch the surface of your pans.  Use pan protectors between them to protect the surfaces.  We have an affordable option that will save you money by protecting your pans!

Pan Protectors

5. Hand-wash Only

Let the pan soak in warm water for a while before cleaning.  Use a soft sponge and soap to clean instead of scouring scrubbers and cleaners.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Christina Ochoa on

    Great tips! I’m still new to the kitchen lol! But this is def very useful! Love your blogs name too!

  • Adriana on

    Oh I really needed this link. My pans are in need of some love. Thank you!

  • stormie lantis on

    i never knew any of this! thank you for the tips and advice!

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