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4 Unique Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Today, we're going to share 4 easy ways to add some flair to your Christmas presents.  Enjoy!

  1. Add a Kitchen Utensil as a present topper.  Split a set of Multi-color Bamboo Utensils up and tie to the top for a fun gift topper.
    Christmas Wrap Topper
  2. Wrap a box in a hand towel.  Your gift wrap now becomes a unique part of the gift.  Our matching mug and hand towel gift sets are perfect for this (they'll be pleasantly surprised when the towel wrap matches the gifted mug!), but you can also use any kitchen hand towel.  First, wrap in a single sheet of tissue paper, then tie opposite corners in a simple knot.  You may end up with "wings" depending on the size of your box.  Simply tuck in the wings so they aren't sticking out.  Tie a tag on using some bakers twine and double fold a fun, shiny ribbon to tie a bow.

    Towel Wrapped Gift
  3. Use red and white to-go conainers as a gift box.  Normally, these are great for leftovers or taking baked beans to a pot-luck with easy clean-up.  Use these containers to hold your gift, then tie with a simple green ribbon to finish.  Take baked Christmas goodies to a neighbor with the box.
    Christmas Gift Box
  4. The International Cheers bag is technically for wine, but makes for a super cute cloth bag for a gift.  Fill with a few olivewood pieces, add some tissue paper and tie with the bag's cloth ribbon - easy to fill and wrap! Your recipient can reuse the bag - it makes a great travel bag for hair items or other things.
    Gift Bag
    What are your gift wrap ideas?  Let us know if you have any questions at


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