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Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

This is a quick tip that will save you time, money and space! While I do occasionally use whole garlic cloves in recipes, the majority of the time I can and do use pre-diced garlic.

If I buy whole garlic cloves, they end up lost in the bottom of a basket spreading flaky bits everywhere.  Buying a jar of pre-diced garlic has numerous benefits:

  1. You wont have to buy, keep and store a garlic press.
  2. You save time:  A jar of pre-diced garlic will last a good while.  You'll spend less time searching for garlic at the bottom of the basket, finding it in the store, and you'll save time not having to chop cloves over and over.
    Minced Garlic
  3. It doesn't dry out:  Sometimes whole garlic cloves can dry out if you don't use them quickly enough.  Pre-diced garlic comes in a jar filled with olive oil.
  4. An 8oz jar in my local store costs a whopping $2.20 - well worth it. 

Pre-Diced Garlic

What's your favorite food-prep related kitchen tip?



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