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5 Gifts for Stocking Stuffers

Welcome to our 5 Gifts series!  We're sharing 5 Gift ideas for 5 different categories over the next several days.  Today we're sharing 5 Gifts for  Stocking Stuffers.   See the rest of the series by clicking Blog at the top of the website.  Email me if you have any questions! hello@dellaskitchenshop dot com. If you're local and would like to pick up (contactless curbside) your order, message us for instructions to pickup in 5 Points. 

1. McCrea's Caramels:  These decadent caramels are made by a small business in Massachusetts.  Grab several "pillow boxes" for your stockings or send a Flavor Family box as a family gift for those loved ones you won't see this year. 

 2.  Must Be Santa Spatulas:  These fun spatulas will make your stocking happy.  The large size allows the silicone head to be removed for deep cleaning.


3.  Wood Scoop: These wood scoops can be used in a number of locations in the kitchen.  At $3 these are a fun stocking addition.


4.  Sea Salt: This flavored sea salt is made in Georgia and makes changing up flavors at dinner time easy.  Use on meat, veggies, scrambled eggs and more. 


5. Bakers Twine + Dispenser:  I love this combination!  Pull your baker's twine from a glass sugar jar and refill later. 

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