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Food on the Titanic - Southampton Visit

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the SeaCity Museum in Southampton, England.  Southampton is the city from which the Titanic sailed.  Since most of the crew lived in Southampton, the city was devastated by the loss of the Titanic.  It was heartbreaking to follow the lives of several crew members and learn their fate at the end of the tour. 

Part of the museum shared how the Titanic prepared for so many visitors, including food prep.  We're sharing a few pictures and lists of various foods.  Peruse through these images and take yourself back to a different time.

Southampton Poulterer's Logbook
This page lists food supplied to both the Titanic and Olympic in April 2012, including 864 rabbits, 600 Golden Plover, and both ducklings and ducks. (PS, wish my cursive looked like this!)

 Read more about Golden Plover and their tie to the origin of the Guinness Book of World Record here.

 1st Class Breakfast Menu, 11 April 1912
Menus were printed as post cards so passengers and crew can send them to friends and family.  How would you like to try "stewed prunes?"

Label for Palethorpe's sausage
In 1912, Palethorpe's is the world's largest sausage producer.  Their factory was located in Tipton, Staffordshire and the Titanic is carrying 2,500 lbs of sausages when she leaves Southampton.

Titanic 2nd Class Breakfast Menu, 11 April 1912
I'm sure grilled Ox Kidneys and bacon was a delicacy.

and a few other pictures...

The Daily Mirror
"Family of eight, who were on the Titanic by chance, all drown in the disaster because there were not enough lifeboats."

Telegram to Mrs. Sedunary
"Much regret Sedunary not saved."

Titanic Memorial in Southampton

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  • Aunt Cheryl on

    So interesting!! That period in history was so exquisite for the rich. I can still hear the mother comforting her children when Hope was lost.,

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