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How to Plant a Tomato


Summer veggies are the best, and tomato plants can give an amazing yield.  I know it's into May already, but don't fret if you haven't planted yet.  Use this trick to develop a large root base and your tomatoes will give an amazing bounty!

Step 1:  Pluck off all of the lower leaves from the tomato stem.  I usually just leave a few branches at the very top.

Step 2: Dig a trench so that you can lay the base and stem horizontally.  The leaves and branches at the top will just be laying on the top of the dirt for now. 

How to Plant a Tomato Plant

Step 3:  Cover the base and the main stem with dirt up to where the branches and leaves begin. 

Step 4: Water thoroughly.  The top portions of the plant will up-right themselves in a day or two.  Don't try to bend them into place or you may break them off.

Step 5:  Tomatoes love hot weather.  I typically pinch off any yellow blooms through the month of May to allow the initial growth to help the roots and stalk get bigger.  Your plant will be able to support more tomatoes later on with this method.

Note:  My garden is a square foot garden.  Check out the book here - it's a great read and has a great dirt recipe for your garden! If you want to involve your kids too, this version is a great tool for working with kids!  


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