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Summer Bucket List!

There are so many fun things to do in the summer months and today we're sharing our Summer Bucket List.  Join me!  a. Let me know if you plan to join by commenting below! Do as many or as few as you like! b. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you tick an event off of your list (#DKSummerBucketList). We'll all keep each other accountable. Even fun things take being intentional. c. Are there any other great ideas you can think of?  Would love to hear... leave a comment below!

  1. Make cookies for someone:  I love sharing a sweet surprise!  I'm going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to surprise a sweet family.
    Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!
  2. Take a weekend road trip:  There are so many places to visit within 2-3 hours of most anyone's home.  I'm challenging you to discover a new city.  Or revisit one and find some new things to do!
  3. Spot the ISS!  Find a good location and time to see the International Space Station by searching here.  NASA has tips on how to watch for it, and can even send you alerts for your location.  Check now so you can schedule it in - the dates come and go...
  4. Eat at a local non-chain restaurant that's new to me.
  5. Take a day hike with the sweetie and the pup!
  6. Get all dressed up.  Find something fun to do locally and do it dressed to the nines.
  7. Witness the Total Solar Eclipse!  (are we seeing a theme here, sorry - we're a little nerdy over at DK).  If you haven't heard, there's a once-in-a-lifetime Solar Eclipse occurring on August 21.  My friend, Destin, is helping folks get Smarter Everyday (we went to college together).  Check out his video on how to watch the eclipse here.  By the way, if you've got kids you're going to want to show them ALL of his videos!  They're educational and funny.  You can also search for a local astronomy club who may be helping out!
    Smarter Every Day - Eclipse
  8. Picnic in a park.
  9. Find a new piece of art for mi casa.  I love finding art from local and Southern artists.  I'm excited to discover something new (or new to me) this summer!
  10. Visit a National Park.  I love our National Parks, and even have a National Parks Passport (thanks Mom!).  Collect stamps (that feature the date you're visiting) as you visit National Monuments, Parks, and many other free locations.  Get your Passport here!
  11. Host a dinner party for a few friends.  Spending time with those you love is important and it takes intentional planning.  Pick a few dates now and put them on the calendar.
    Summer Party Tablescape
  12. Visit a pick your own farm!  We have strawberries and a few other options locally - check around for a nearby place to visit.  Farmers are feeding America and we should be supporting them!
    Farmers Feed America
  13. Develop a new recipe.  I love coming up with new creating (mainly because I love to eat, haha).
  14. Canon ball into a pool!  Because.... SUMMER!!
  15. Cook a meal with the whole family participating.  I love seeing families spending time together in the kitchen.  Here's a link to one of my favorite summer/one-pot recipes - and the kids can help!  Caprece Family Dinner.
    Caprece Family Dinner Recipe
  16. Go to a movie in the park.  We have summer movies in the park locally, but maybe you can find a drive-up or DIY outside movie for some fun memories!
  17. Beach trip!! I love sticking my toes in the sand and watching the waves roll in.  As a red head, I may have to slather myself in 100 SPF, but it's totally worth it!
    Summer Bucket List - Beach

 Again, would love to hear other suggestions below!  I can't wait to dig into these fun activities!

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  • Aisha on

    Wonderful ideas! And I have to do number 11 before the summer is out. I love a good outdoor dinner party!

  • Gari-Ann Kia on

    Love this list!! I’m going to definitely put a few on my immersive bucket list. What sounds the best is the the cookies, I think we should taste test them at the next meeting!!

  • Cara Moss on

    I love the ideas about trying a new local restaurant and also really want to do a road trip to a nearby town that I normally wouldn’t visit!

  • Crystal on

    I love this list! And I’m definitely going to check out that video about the solar eclipse!

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